converting a step van into a rolling bicycle service, part 1

in the beginning

The previous owner had a catwalk attached to the roof and it was holding water and creating rust and leaks. My father-in-law and I decided to pull the catwalk off and repair the roof. Notice in the photo above, the streak of rust above the sliding door and the rusted seat base.

riveting work!

I had never worked with sheet aluminum or done any riveting before.  My father-in-law found a source for a very large roll of aluminum; enough to ‘skin’ the roof with one singe piece.  We quickly discovered the need for a pneumatic rivet gun and were pleasantly surprised how easy it is to do quality rivet work with the right tools.

sheet aluminum, 300+ rivets, silicone caulk, a 'warm' day and "voila!"

It is certainly rewarding to learn a new skills like sheet metal and riveting work, but the most rewarding part has been observing my father-in-law’s resourcefulness and his work tricks; the man is genius.

the look of things to come

This is a rough draft of the graphics package that we’re developing for the van.  Jim Horton of Horton Design is a mega talent and he has the ability to create the look that we’re envisioning.

Next we’ll tackle cleaning and painting the interior.

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