converting a step van into a rolling bicycle service, part 2

Before we start installing the work bench, work stand, shelves, and tools, the step van needed a thorough clean out and re-painting.  First we used a high pressure steam cleaner and blasted off years of grime and dust.

steam cleaning

steam cleaning the exterior - check out the grime streaking down the sides

Before we cranked up the steam cleaner, we un-bolted the seats from the front in order to clean the interior thoroughly.  We then blasted out all kinds of gunk that had accumulated in the floor of the front and in the back…. fun stuff!

steam cleaning interior

blasting out rust and grime

Fast forward a week and the step van has dried from its steam cleaning.  I had told my father-in-law that I wanted to paint the interior work area ‘battleship grey’ to give it a clean and professional look.  He then showed me a can of Ford Grey paint and his air brush kit… impressive.  After masking off sections with paper and tape, we shot the interior to give it a fresh look!

airbrushing the front interior

airbrushing the interior Ford Grey

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