converting a step van into a rolling bicycle service, part 5

check out that tag... we're rolling now!

Today, Doc Wheelies the 2 Wheeler Healer achieved a milestone…. we’re now street legal!  I began my morning by arriving at the NC license plate agency 15 minutes before their scheduled opening time; only to find a line of at least a dozen folks waiting for them to open.  I rolled my eyes as the day before their computers went down after I had waited 20 minutes and on a previous attempt last week I gave up at the sight of the long line.  Today was a cinch, 15 minutes after arriving, I had tag and registration in hand.Next I started hanging tools on the pegboard in order to visualize and test the workspace.  The work bench is perfect as it offers lots of space for repairs and tools, yet it doesn’t consume too much space.

helper elf posing in front of pegboard thats starting to fill up with tools

We took some measurements and from them we derived the ideal location for the truing stand.

measuring to find the ideal spot for the truing stand

big blue.... its all about the quality!

I was so excited to see the 2 Wheeler Healer van concept start to come to fruition that I had to take the van out for a spin.  While cruising I checked out a bike shop near Larry and Linda’s house.  J & L Bicycle Co. in downtown Burlington, NC is a nice shop with friendly folks working and lots of svelte bikes from BMC.

Mostly I grinned and drove around for a while and tested out the tool hangers.  I needed to see how well the hangers and pegboard secured the tools while bouncing around potholes, parking lots, and curb cuts that will be encountered while out servicing calls.

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