Dropping some knowledge; crafty re-use of an old innertube

Here’s a valuable tip to help out the roadies out there: a DIY compression band made out of a section of old innertube.  Use this to enable a bundled up fix-a-flat kit that is super compact and organized for stuffing into a jersey pocket.

QED - easily stuff this in your jersey pocket

Gather your materials:
C02 cartridge
C02 cartridge inflator head
brand new, un-used innertube
tire lever
cross section of an old innertube
talc powder (baby powder)
ziploc bag or a sheet of food wrap

some of the materials you'll need

I took some left-over rim tape and used it to secure a C02 cartridge and an inflator head together.

Next sprinkle some talc powder on the new, un-used innertube.

talc powder actually helps prevent pinch flats

To protect the innertube, wrap it in food wrap or a small ziploc bag. The salt from you sweat could ruin your innertube before you ever put it into service.

wrap it up to protect it from sweat and road grit

Now let’s put an old blown-out innertube to use by re purposing a cross section of tube into a compression band.

with scissors, cut a cross section of innertube; about 2 inches

You’ll need to use an mtb innertube or a cyclocross innertube as a skinny road innertube will just be too small. Stretch the compression band so that you can fit the bundled innertube, tire lever, and C02 cartridge all into a very compact ride kit. Voila`

keep it simple

On shorter rides, you can probably leave the saddle bag behind and thus you’ll look PRO!

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