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We had twice as many folks turn out for the Tuesday Night Beer & Pizza Ride. With dark clouds and imminent thunderstorms swirling all around we chose our route so as to keep away from the storms. With a few pedal strokes we were rolling down Edwards Road and saw less than a dozen cars for the whole ride! We turned up Payne (read Pain), Road and headed over to Slate Road which is a jewel of a road to ride.

typical view along car-free, farm-to-market roads of Stokes County

The clouds stayed on the horizon and we were able to just enjoy the rolling terrain and some steep pitches of asphalt. Slate Road has one screamer downhill that is a gas to fly down.

more fun than a log flume!

The prize of the ride was rolling up Covington Road and soaking up the eye-candy offered by the quartzite cliffs of Cooks Wall.

Western End Cooks Wall, Photographer: Dave Cook

Our mellow group then set a spirited pace down Friendship Road and headed back to our cars and Frank’s Pizza. Along the way, our good buddy Dudley grabbed a KOM with a snappy ride up Edwards Road.

a steep pair of hairpin turns gives Edwards Road some of its character

Frank’s Pizza once again accommodated us with ice cold recovery drinks and hot pizza pie!


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